Walter is General Counsel, Principal Founder, and Chief Scientist for the Company. A published scientist with over 25 lead author publications in peer reviewed biomedical journals, he has studied stem cell therapy for over 15 years and more recently has delved into the development of transdermal herbal and plant preparations for pain. Knowledgeable in High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Thin Layer Chromatography for plant fingerprinting and extracts identification, his research interests allign with the Company he founded, that being the development of transdermal plant medicinals and cosmetics which bypass digestion and deliver compounds directly to the blood stream. In addition to screening new plants and herbs for pain, he intends to steer the Company not only in the direction of developing stem cell related products, but also to screen plants and herbs and other compounds for extracts that can boost innate stem cell activity in patients whose the stem cells exist but are largely dormant. Walter’s impressive publication portfolio includes the co-authoring of the first stem cell therapy safety paper published in the United States (2017), and an important paper showing why the popular herbal extract, Icariin, has no clinical efficacy for Erectile Dysfunction (2019).