Bengal Bioscience, an Alternative Medicine Company, Cosmetic Biomedicines Division: Transdermal creams and gels derived from Amniotic Fluid intended for rejuvenation and skin repair. Botanical Medicinals Division: Transdermal formulations for Pain, Erectile Dysfunction, and Stem Cell Activation

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(1) About the Company

Bengal Bioscience Inc. is a development stage company specializing in Cosmetic Biomedicines and Transdermal Botanicals. The Company was founded by Walter P. Drake J.D., Ph.D.,  who has been studying stem cell medicine and herbal extracts for the last 20 years.  Walter has an impressive publication portfolio in bio-medical journals including the recent co-authoring of the first stem cell therapy safety paper published in the United States (J Clin Med Res,2017,9:935); and an important paper showing why the popular herbal extract Icariin has no clinical efficacy for ED (IJSR,2019,8:939).

Our two Divisions:

(A) Cosmetic Biomedicine Division: Amniotic Fluid Products. Amniotic Fluid is collected during normal Caesarean section and contains over 200 growth hormones, cytokines, messenger molecules and other proteins. This material restores youth, is being used by physicians to treat a variety of diseases and conditions, and is the closest thing yet to the “fountain of youth”… Actually it is the fountain of youth.  You can read a lot more about Amniotic Fluid and our proposed skin care products Here: The Story of Bengal Bioscience Cashmere.

(B) Botanical Medicinals Division: We solve the problem that every consumer has experienced in wasting their money on supplements containing the tired old herbs that have been around forever but largely do nothing.  The problems with herbal supplements and capsules are poor solubility, low to no uptake in the gut, and always the pass through the liver which metabolizes and destroys most of it, before anything reaches the bloodstream.  You can read more about why current herbal supplements and capsules are largely ineffective HERE: Why Most Supplements Don’t Work.

Our research and development interests include the creation of new facial creams and products from amniotic fluids and placental tissues; and a replacement of the current herbal extract industry of powders and capsules with new transdermal formulations made, tested, and verified in the USA. Read More about our R&D plans


(2) Benefits of Transdermal Delivery

Everyone knows about transdermal products. The nicotine patch has been around a long time. And many other creams and gels for hormone supplementation have likewise quite common. The pharmaceutical industry is just beginning to wake up to the fact that the transdermal delivery of medicine is more effective than oral or injectables in most if not all cases. It is now well established that Transdermal delivery, be it via patch or cream,  is more capable of surpassing hepatic first pass metabolism—the degradation of a compound when it reaches the liver, which reduces its effect— sustaining steady blood levels for a longer time frame with reduced gastrointestinal irritation.

When you apply a cream or cosmetic to the skin, almost all of those 40+ ingredients shown on the jar are going to be absorbed!  As shown in the following image, when a compound is applied to the skin, there are three ways for it to be absorbed and  reach the bloodstream: (1) through hair follicles; (2) the intercellular pathway via sweat ducts; and (3) actual intracellular pathway (direct absorption by the cells.

Bengal Bioscience amniotic cosmetic creams for facial rejuvenation and improved health

Read our Review about why, head to head with oral preparations,  the Transdermal  Delivery of drugs and compounds is superior HERE:
Why  Transdermal Delivery Is  Best. 


(3) Our Products
(Prototype Only)

The following demonstrate some of our prototype products that have been designed and which are in various phases of development to bring to market. The formulations of these products are in process but have not been finalized. Further work-up may well lead to the abandonment of one or more of these particular products and the development of new and different initial products. Research and testing can validate initial ideas as well as destroy them while leading to other more important product pathways.  We present these mock-ups as examples of the types of new products we intend to deliver to the market. Click on image to make picture bigger.

Bengal Bioscience products designed by Walter P. Drake

(4) Our People

We have an experienced and talented group of leaders serving on our Board of Directors and our Scientific Advisory Board. The 5 members of our Scientific Advisory Board are firmly entrenched in the pharmaceutical industry and the peripheral biomedical industry. And you cannot do business in the herbal extract space without dealing with China, and our Chinese language expert, Alan Abrams, is fully versed on meeting lab personnel and company managers at Chinese manufacturing companies. He enjoys to sit down to tea and debate Traditional Chinese Medicine using concoctions handed down through the centuries versus the American approach of isolating and purifying single compounds. Both Tong Shen and Igneris Rosado-Erazo have years of hands on experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, validations, and purifications using the very same equipment necessary to develop our intended products. Both are masters in the regulatory game as well.  Dr. Greene is not only a retired physician, but with his MBA training, he has from scratch created a network of stem cell therapy providers offering stem cell and related therapies nationwide. Highly knowledgable in the therapeutic use of umbilical cord stem cells, his sourcing of amniotic fluids will be essential to our supply chain. Finally, our founder, Walter P. Drake, is a stem cell scientist and investigator into herbal extracts and botanicals, having studied Thai herbs while in Thailand for many years. Not just figureheads, our people are intimately involved with the Company, are knowledgeable within the areas of the Companyʼs R&D interests, and  serve as an important sources for contacts, equipment, and “how to” procedures. Read the full details on each Board Members background HERE: More About The Company Leaders

Bengal Bioscience Inc. Scientific Advisory Board, including Walter P. Drake

(5) Who’s In Charge?

A Personal Message
From Walter P. Drake, J.D., Ph.D.
General Counsel and Chief Scientist

This a bit about me and what I hope to accomplish for our future shareholders.  It is by no means any guaranty of any future events. I am not trying to “sell” anybody. Only you, after reading what I have to say and reviewing my background, can determine if my Company is worthy of your support. My CV if interested is Here: Walter P. Drake CV

(1) About me. This is my company and my science. It is moving forward with or without any equity funding, although acquiring some investor support to get a lab and buy some development time would sure bring our contemplated products to market faster.  Although I am a lawyer and made some money in law, science is where I live, and for almost 20 years I was in Thailand studying and learning. I have become an expert in stem cell therapy and have been studying alternative medicine using Thai herbal preps for the last 3-4 years. My two recent peer reviewed papers included the first paper concerning the safety of adult stem cell therapy published in the US. Upon submission,  the paper was immediately accepted and fast tracked for publication. The other recent paper concerned the testing  of my preparation of transdermal Icariin as an herbal substitute for viagra, demonstrating total ineffectiveness. Our results were confirmed by another lab testing for blood levels after oral administration to patients, and the two studies together destroy the popular myth that Horny Goat Weed and its main extract icariin have any erectogenic effect whatsoever.  I am working on transdermal botanical extracts for pain and  placenta based cosmetics for facial rejuvenation. We are also on the trail of an herbal substitute for Viagra.  So my point is that anyone investing in this company is investing in me, and I feel I have the skills and “nose” for delivering alternative medicine products to the shelf. 

(2) The Science. In my view, there is no “alternative medicine” involving herbal products at this time. Everyone, and I mean everyone, buys their herbal powders from China, and repackages into gel caps for resale, or even just sells the powder in some kind of plastic jar. Nobody knows what they are selling, nobody tests anything, test reports that sellers rely upon from their Chinese vendors are 95% fraudulent, most of the products are worthless. This is not me saying this, it has been demonstrated time and time again in government testing studies. Even in those cases where the actual herb is being sold, say Ginseng, very little if any efffect is ever noticed. We see the same tired old herbs over and over again. When was the last time you heard about a new herb? Another point to be made is that most of these herbal powders have poor solubility and even poorer uptake in the gut. In the old days, we used tinctures and fresh compounds involving the whole plant. The American Indians did not use “extracts”. As an example, going back to Icariin again, which you can find everywhere touted as the herbal viagra, I guaranty you that if you take the whole plant (Horny Goat Weed, Epimedium), put it in a blender or juicer, and drink, you will see an erectogenic effect for sure. But damn hard to prepare a whole plant formulation and keep it stable. And many people are allergic to various plant compounds. So the manufacturers extract the main component from the plant, which is icariin, and peddle this as the active ingredient on the mistaken assumption that it must be. The solution? Freeze drying and drum drying whole fresh plants and fresh herbs to retain all the neccessary compounds.  Fresh is best. While few out there is doing this, I would make this an important manufacturing approach in assessing and marketing our botanical products. And I am banking on transdermal delivery of all products, shown to be superior to oral pills as described above.

My Company is targeting four areas:

(A) Plant opioids for pain. There are herbs we have identified that are not regulated as drugs, yet are more powerful than morphine. Medical statistics show that 40% of all patient visits involve pain conditions. With the current legislature requiring a decrease in prescription pain medicine, this is an area with much room to grow. We are not working with CBD oils which we find to be an  over-crowded field.  I have identified two plant medicinals to test and market in this space.

(B) Erectogenic herbal preparations. This takes screening and a lab to do it. Basically you set up a lab test for the enzyme, phospodiesterase, and then test herbs and other compounds to see if any inhibit that enzyme. It is that simple. I am on the trail of what I feel will be a successful herbal product in this space, and one that works!  And clincial trials are never a problem; there is never any shortage of volunteers!

(C) Stem Cell Activators. Neil Riordan at the Panama Stem Cell Institute was the first to define and market an extract from Lactobacillus (same one in yogurt) that boosted the number of circulating stem cells in a patient by 2x. This is a big development. In truth, even though I have advocated stem cell therapy for 20 years, the activation of our own inherent dormant stem cells is more important than stem cell transplants themselves. Activating and multiplying our own stem cells with herbal supplements will yield amazing opportunities  to control our most debilitating diseases. But 2x is not going to do it, we need 100x more stem cells, and more than that, we need stimulators of activity, not just increases in numbers.

(D) Placental and amniotic fluid transdermal cosmetics. One can already find women’s cosmetics claiming to incorporate “stem cells” or “stem cell products”. However, at this time, the amounts of such material are so negligible as to have no effect. The idea is correct, but the execution is way off. The words “stem cells” and “amnion” are the new buzzwords in the cosmetics industry to boost sales to unsuspecting consumers. I can produce a transdermal product today that will contain the necessary concentration of placental product in a penetrating cream that will take facial rejuvenation to the next level. The product is not of course ready for “on the shelf”. Further analysis and testing is needed concerning stability in a cream base at room temperature, whether  the final product will require refrigeration to maintain viability, and transport/delivery issues. And of course, as always, the FDA regulations must be followed which always adds further cost to a product.

3. The kind of lab that is needed. For handling biologicals, one needs the usual laminar flow hood and sterile environment. But this can be accomplished in the space of a typical living room. Additional space is also needed since we will be working with botanicals, and therefore we have to be able to identify plant compounds, isolate and purify them. Testing is the number 1 activity, which will require at a minimum the following apparatus and equipment: ICP-MS, HPLC, Acrylamide gel thin layer chromatography, and various spectrographic equipment. In addition to column chromatography for separations and collections, various filter assemblies are needed to concentration of extracts. Freeze drying equipment and drum drying equipment are essential in manufacturing whole plant botanical extracts and in dealing with whole plant studies. This list is not intended to be a complete list for outfitting our lab but rather a synopsis of the types of equipment needed. For herbal extracts Bengal Bioscience requires column chromatography, ultrafiltration for concentrating, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, thin layer chromotagraphy, and spectroscopy equipment for verifying compound identity, purity, and concentration.

What a Typical Lab for Herbal Extracts Looks Like

Bengal Bioscience Herbal extracts testing lab

A lab not only for herbal testing, extraction, and purification; but also  a stem cell lab for protein purification and screening for stem cell activating factors, as well as for handling placental tissues toward generating new product lines.  And we need some time to operate and and to get products manufacture ready, that only initial funding can support.


(6) Some Recent News and Articles
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