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Bengal Bioscience is a Florida Private Company
in the Alternative Medicine Space

Owned and operated by Walter P. Drake,  Bengal Bioscience  specializes in Cosmetic Biomedicines and Transdermal Botanicals. Walter has been studying stem cell medicine and herbal extracts for the last 20 years.  He has an impressive publication portfolio in bio-medical journals including the recent co-authoring of the first stem cell therapy safety paper published in the United States (J Clin Med Res,2017,9:935); and an important paper showing why the popular herbal extract Icariin has no clinical efficacy for ED (IJSR,2019,8:939). Walter’s full list of research papers is HERE: Bibliography May 2023

Bengal Bioscience, an Alternative Medicine Company, Cosmetic Biomedicines Division: Transdermal creams and gels derived from Amniotic Fluid intended for rejuvenation and skin repair. Botanical Medicinals Division: Transdermal formulations for Pain, Erectile Dysfunction, and Stem Cell Activation

Research Interests and Developments

(A) Cosmetic Biomedicine Division: Amniotic Fluid Products. Amniotic Fluid is collected during normal Caesarean section and contains over 200 growth hormones, cytokines, messenger molecules and other proteins. This material restores youth, is being used by physicians to treat a variety of diseases and conditions, and is the closest thing yet to the “fountain of youth”… Actually it is the fountain of youth.  You can read a lot more about Amniotic Fluid and our proposed skin care products Here:
The Story of Bengal Bioscience Cashmere.

(B) Botanical Medicinals Division: We solve the problem that every consumer has experienced in wasting their money on supplements containing the tired old herbs that have been around forever but largely do nothing.  The problems with herbal supplements and capsules are poor solubility, low to no uptake in the gut, and always the pass through the liver which metabolizes and destroys most of it, before anything reaches the bloodstream.  You can read more about why current herbal supplements and capsules are largely ineffective HERE: Why Most Supplements Don’t Work.

(C) Our New Class of Exosome-based Cosmetics. This is an entirely new class of cosmetics that do not exist at this time but which we are developing. Exosomes are all the little growth factors, proteins, messenger molecules and cytokines which give Amniotic Fluid its “Pop”! Cosmetics will never be the same. For more on how the Company sees Exosomes in its future, read this summary by Walter P. Drake: Exosomes and the Rise of Birth Tissues

(D) Why I Only Consider the Transdermal Delivery of Botanicals and Stem Cell Biologics. Everyone knows about transdermal products. The nicotine patch has been around a long time. And many other creams and gels for hormone supplementation have likewise quite common. The pharmaceutical industry is just beginning to wake up to the fact that the transdermal delivery of medicine is more effective than oral or injectables in most if not all cases. It is now well established that Transdermal Delivery, be it via patch or cream,  is more capable of surpassing hepatic first pass metabolism—the degradation of a compound when it reaches the liver, which reduces its effect— thereby sustaining steady blood levels for a longer time frame with reduced gastrointestinal irritation.

When you apply a cream or cosmetic to the skin, almost all of those 40+ ingredients shown on the jar are going to be absorbed!  As shown in the following image, when a compound is applied to the skin, there are three ways for it to be absorbed and  reach the bloodstream: (1) through hair follicles; (2) the intercellular pathway via sweat ducts; and (3) actual intracellular pathway (direct absorption by the cells.

Bengal Bioscience amniotic cosmetic creams for facial rejuvenation and improved health

Read why all my biomedical preparations will be formulated for transdermal use:  Why  Transdermal Delivery Is  Best. 

Walter P. Drake Clinical Research Notes

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