Scientific Advisory Board

Listed alphabetically:

Alan W. Abrams B.A./M.S. Chinese Language

Originally from Oregon, Alan has lived, worked, and studied for over 18 years in China and has thereby acquired a unique and deep understanding of the Chinese language and culture. His interests, research and insights have consistently revolved around Daoism, Confucianism, Chinese Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This has resulted in his teaching at various locations around China and Southeast Asia, often in Chinese, about traditional Chinese culture. His study, research, and teaching, combined importantly with practice, have given way to valuable insights into spirituality and holistic health. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Alan’s Online Portfolio can be found at: Alan Abrams China where he published “Sourcing Herbal Extracts in China” , a manual  for how to locate reputable suppliers of herbs and supplements. His inside knowledge of the Chinese herbal manufacturing facilities and laboratories as well as his personal access to top Chinese scientists will benefit the Company greatly.


Walter P. Drake, J.D., Ph.D.

Walter is General Counsel, Principal Founder, and Chief Scientist for the Company. A published scientist with over 25 lead author publications in peer reviewed biomedical journals, he has studied stem cell therapy for over 15 years and more recently has delved into the development of transdermal herbal and plant preparations for pain. Knowledgeable in High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Thin Layer Chromatography for plant fingerprinting and extracts identification, his research interests allign with the Company he founded, that being the development of transdermal plant medicinals and cosmetics which bypass digestion and deliver compounds directly to the blood stream. In addition to screening new plants and herbs for pain, he intends to steer the Company not only in the direction of developing stem cell related products, but also to screen plants and herbs and other compounds for extracts that can boost innate stem cell activity in patients whose the stem cells exist but are largely dormant. Walter’s impressive publication portfolio includes the co-authoring of the first stem cell therapy safety paper published in the United States (2017), and an important paper showing why the popular herbal extract, Icariin, has no clinical efficacy for Erectile Dysfunction (2019).


David L. Greene, M.D., M.B.A

A retired U.S. orthopedic surgeon and Founder of R3 Stem Cell, a regenerative medicine company specializing in patient advocacy, marketing and the distribution of post-natal stem cell products obtained from FDA licensed stem cell banks. Dr. Greene is deeply committed to advancing the new Mixed Cell Regenerative Medicine, focusing on patient and provider education with numerous clinical research projects ongoing. In line with the 21st Century Cures Act, mandating that the FDA consider “patient experience data”, thereby making the traditional clinical trials unneccessary to establishing the usefulness of a new therapy, Dr. Greene is on the forefront of advancing stem cell therapies for Americans and is among the few stem cell researchers to recognize the importance of non-cellular compounds such as proteins, cytokines, and growth factors as playing a necessary role in achieving a therapeutic result. Dr. Greene’s proven experience and capability in establishing a network of stem cell providers will be of immense benefit in guiding the Company in future marketing and research campaigns.


Igneris Rosado-Erazo, M.S., Ph.D.

From Puerto Rico, Dr. Rosado-Erazo is an experienced biotechnologist with 13 years experience working for Amgen Manufacturing Ltd., a world class biotechnology company and currently the lead developer in cutting edge biotechnology medicines to treat serious illnesses with a limited number of treatments options. Currently working as Associate Scientist for Amgen, she has hands-on experience in the manufacturing of biologics, and is knowledgeable in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratories Practices (GLP) and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). Igneris is experienced in validations and purification process development, and a specialist in protein purification techniques helpful in serum and amniotic fluid fractionation, all of which will be of benefit to the Company. An educator as well, Igneris serves as Director of the Spanish Stem Cell PhD program for the Panama College of Cell Science.

Tong Shen, M.S. Pharmacology

Tong has over 12 years of broad pharmaceutical leadership in clinical trial design and operations. Our go to pharmaceutical expert, Tong is currently the Director of Clinical Oncology Operations for DTRM Biopharma in Pennsylvania. She holds an M.S. in Pharmacology, and if you are acquainted with the pharmaceutical industry, then you will recognize all the regulatory matters she is expert in: FDA ●IRB ●GCP/ICH ●GLP ●cGMP ●NDA ●IND ●CSR ●CTT ●SOP ●AE/SAE ●DQR Her assistance in guiding the Company’s cosmetic line, stem cell products, herbal extracts and transdermal products will be invaluable. And if Tong does not have the answer, she will know who to call. We wrap up Tong’s bio with this further summary of her knowledge base: Global Clinical Development of Small-Molecule Drugs, CAR-T, Immuno-Oncology (IO) and Vaccines Professional with 12 years of broad pharmaceutical leadership in clinical trial design and operations (phases I-IV and postmarketing surveillance) in multiple TAs (Oncology, Hematology, Neuro-Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, Ob/Gyn, Rare Diseases), 2 years of medical practice with direct patient care, and 5 years of biomarker (preclinical/translational) experiences.