The Covid-19 Virus Pandemic Has Been Over Since July 2020

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The Covid-19 Virus Pandemic Has Been Over
 Since July 2020

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The Covid-19 virus pandemic ended in the US in July. It ended worldwide at the same time. This is not my opinion, it is my conclusion from the following scientific evidence and published statistics which you can readily check for yourself. As they like to say…Follow the Science!

The above Chart shows US deaths from Covid based on age, all deaths tapering off by July 2020. The Figure is based on the data issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as reported by the Association Of American Physicians and Surgeons: as excerpted from the official CDC website at:

As noted by Paul M. Kempen, MD, PhD, writing for the Association:

“These CDC numbers are astounding, primarily because they clearly expose the many hysterical reports propagated by the media as exactly that, hysterical projections. The number of Covid deaths is presented repeatedly and daily as a “new high”—but unless people start to come back from the dead, this is an EXPECTED trend. People are always dying in the USA—2,813,503 in 2017 alone! The total 2020 Covid deaths of 121,374 represent less than 10% of ALL deaths (1,387,325) recorded by the CDC in that same period and represents a death rate of 0.03% from the total US population.”

Here is the updated Chart to August 1:

The CDC used to release this kind of data, but you will be very hard pressed to find any mention of deaths on the CDC official website now. But you will find a lot of data on testing…Oh my, look how many “cases”!!!! Well, there may be “cases” but these are neither hospital cases nor Covid-19 deaths, which are almost Zero.

And interesting Chart form the CDC puts the “pandemic” in perspective by showing ordinary deaths over time and the slight increase due to Covid-19 (Click to make bigger):

Possibly the most useful chart presented, data on normal deaths is shown in blue, the tiny blips outlined by red dots presumeably due to covid-19 deaths. When viewed against normal deaths, the Covid-19 pandemic was almost a non-event!

Possibly the last chart of deaths published by the CDC, it covers through July 9:

Since our own CDC seems enamored with “tests” rather than deaths, we have to look to the European CDC for a report on our own US deaths through November 9:

A very interesting video presentation by immunologist Pierre Capel reaches identical conclusions. In one of the best analyses of data, he states that the global pandemic ended in late July for EVERY country; that lockdowns are wholly ineffective; and that masks offer no protection to anyone! Dr. Capel is is an Emeritus Professor of Experimental Immunology at Utrecht University and studied Biochemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Amsterdam. As a Dutch scientist, he looked at the Netherlands experience with the Covid19 virus pandemic and found the following:

(1) While positive testing has skyrocketed beginning July 1 due to testing not available early on, there are no more deaths. Note in the following chart where testing accelerates, yet deaths remain at zero (“Cases” are shown above the middle line, deaths are shown below):

And while the same kind of chart has not been done for the US (and you will never see one as it does not fit with the narrative put forward by the Media, Big Pharma, Big Government, and all the others benefitting financially from keeping the fear alive), here is the identical data from the UK showing a huge spike in “cases” due to testing, with no deaths whatsoever!

(2) Lockdowns do not work and every country’s experience was the same (Note comparison to Sweden which initiated NO measures):

(3) Masks do not work: See Video at 17:59-19:13 minutes, Dr. Capel’s full video is here:


(b) or Here:

Speaking of wearing masks being ineffective, please have listen to celebrity Dr. Fauci stating that masks are unecessary and cause more problems with people fidgeting with them with their hands! It is important to view this 1 minute video to feel his sincerity that maskes are a silly idea:

(c) Video Link to Dr Fauci’s comments:

(d) or Here in the event of YouTube takedown:

Dr. Anthony Fauci uttered these words nonchalantly, as if everyone knows masks don’t work. This is Dr. Fauci, Head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, with over 40 years experience in virus pandemics, a prolific writer of scientific papers going back to his important 2008 paper on the Spanish Flu, saying that masks do not work.

Now, all of a sudden they do, claiming his view has changed over time. Well the story has certainly changed. And to those who believe that he did not know anything at the time, he issued these comments in March, long after the Covid pandemic was underway, with the CDC reporting a raging pandemic:

The pandemic is now long over, although the testing goes on at a rapid clip to confirm to us that there are many many “cases” of the virus and that many of us will likely die. The question is why is this being done to us. For most positive tests the people apparently don’t even know they are infected (the majority most likely), and the rest seem to have very mild symptoms that pass like any common cold.


The only reasonable explanation for keeping all this fear alive with the never-ending warnings of death, must be to prep the population for a vaccine that is now largely irrelevant and unnecessary. After all, who is going to want or need any vaccine if the general public should become aware that the danger from this Virus is largely over? Or as we now know, the vaccine is dangerous? No one. And by gosh, we spent Billions to develop these vaccines and you are going to have to take them whether you need them or not!!!!!!!

The same misdirection seems to have occurred with Hydroxycholorquine, the quinine analog which is effective in treating the virus symptoms when given early on. Dr. Fauci could have settled the controversy surrounding this drug by ordering a simple study. But no, he just sat back and criticized positive results being generated by other international researchers, while continuing to play up the new expensive drugs in the pipeline like remdesivir. And believe me, you will never see any head to head study between Hydroxycholorquine and remdesivir, so petrified would any pharmaceutical company be of the results that might show the former cheap drug just as effective. So, you, the American public must wait for real expensive new drugs, while Thailand (with few if any deaths) and 9 other countries use Hydroxycholorquine as part of their standard protocol for all patients. Meanwhile, we now that hydroxychloroquine is definitely benefical in preventing deaths! See this study completed November 14, 2020, entitled “Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine: a country-based analysis”,

Letter to Dr. Fauci from American physicans questioning why is not being utilized:
George C. Fareed, et al, “Open letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19” published online at, link is here: . Accessed November 15, 2020

And the Thailand protocol for Hydroxycholorquine is here: Ranistha Ratanarat et al, “Critical Care Management of Patients with COVID-19: Early Experience in Thailand”, Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., 103(1), 2020, pp. 48–54.

An while not the focus of this paper, which emphasizes the end of the pandemic, it is instructive to learn that even though Dr. Fauci neglected to settle the controversy about hydroxychloroquine, we now have an immense library of data that compares the death rates in countries that used hydroxychloroquine as their go-to treatment regimen to those that did not. The image, copied with permission from the study noted above [] does not need any further explanation, countries in Red, including the United States, did not use hydroxychloroquine, while those in Green did:

To those people that feel everyone should wear a mask and want to close down the Country, because the virus is still raging, I would like to suggest you put on 2 or 3 masks, find an old space suit to put on if possible, and go down to your basement and wait. Someone will call you.

And leave the rest of us alone to get back to living in this terrific country and world of ours.

The pandemic is long gone, if by “pandemic” you mean a dangerous disease that is spreading fast and will kill many people. That’s what the science says!