Wanted: Active or retired scientists, physicians, and herbal product designers, 
Business managers in the alternative medicine or herbal products space

Bengal Bioscience Inc.
(A Development Stage Corporation)

1410 Parkview Circle #101
Wilmington, NC 28405

Calling All Life Scientists and Clinical Researchers
Founders Wanted In The Following Categories:

WANTED: Active or retired scientists, physicians, and herbal product designers, Business managers in the alternative medicine or herbal products space

Remote only and 100% telecommuting positions available at Bengal Bioscience Inc., Wilmington NC

Description of the Company

Bengal Bioscience Inc., a development stage company specializing in alternative medicine initiatives involving stem cell medicine, herbal and plant medicinals, and bioidentical hormones is seeking partners to support its application for funding.

The Company was founded by Walter P. Drake J.D., Ph.D., a former tumor biologist who has been studying stem cell medicine and herbal extracts for the last 15 years.  Walter has an impressive publication portfolio in bio-medical journals including the recent co-authoring of the first stem cell therapy safety paper published in the US (2017), and an important paper showing why the popular herbal extract Icariin has no clinical efficacy for ED (2019).

The research and development interests of Bengal Bioscience Inc. are divided into three categories: (A) Stem Cell products and supporting the stem cell industry; (B) Plant medicinals and herbal extracts; (C) Transdermal creams and cosmetics enriched with plant medicinals and biological agents

We are seeking expressions of interest from Active or retired scientists, physicians, and herbal product designers; Business managers in the alternative medicine or herbal products space, with particular emphasis on the following positions available:

1. Stem Cell Scientist (Research) currently culturing human adult stem cells that can show us how to set up a lab to do this, or alternatively is able to complete projects (at our expense) in their current position or employment.

2. A Licensed Physician/Nurse Practitioner/Physicians Assistant doing research with or otherwise with access to amniotic fluid and placental products from normal child birth, c-section or vaginal delivery. A practicing obstetrician that can supply samples for research via donated amniotic fluid and placental products would probably be best. A life sciences professional, or other health care provider regularly handling placental products and amniotic fluid could serve in this role as well.

3. Stem Cell Scientist (Clinical), Clinical Practitioner at any level, currently working with Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and/or Umbilical Cord blood and related placental products.

4. Protein Purification Scientist (Life Sciences), preferably with experience in serum and plasma separation, identification, and/or purification. Someone that knows how to use the Quantibody Human Cytokine Antibody Array 9000, and/or Quantibody Q Analyzer Software, and/or similar cytokine/protein analyzer would be very helpful. Someone familiar with the use of Millipore products for protein analysis  would be helpful. Someone that might be sharp on column chromatography of serum and plasma would be helpful.

5. Drum Drying Technology. Plant extract and formulation experts, with emphasis on using drum drying technology to dry pureed raw whole plant ingredients. Expertise in drum drying and milling fr dietary supplements and transdermal applications.

6. TLC (thin layer chromatography) expert and/or HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography). An expert in the use of these procedures and equipment for analyzing plant extracts, confirming herbal product identity and purity.

7. Spectrographic expert (Life Sciences). Someone expert in the use of various spectrographic equipment useful and being used in the herbal extract field.

8. Business or Marketing Professional within the herbal supplements field, could be even an owner of a herbal supplements business with experience in supplements’ sales and marketing, profit margins, competition and so forth.

Successful candidates will be offered substantial shares of stock in the new company.

Qualifications and How to Apply to Be A Founder/Shareholder

Remote only and 100% telecommuting positions available at Bengal Bioscience Inc., Wilmington NC

I hope that I have made it interesting enough that you would want to inquire further. Interest and enthusiasm is a lot more important than qualifications; of course, what we are looking for is decent credentials as well, so as to make our Company look exciting and knowledgeable to investors.

Wilmington North Carolina applicants preferred but not necessary.

Bengal Bioscience, Wilmington NC seeking life scientists, biomedical scientists and pharmaceutical scientists to join our team. 100% telecommuting, but Wilmington NC preferred